The Dialogue Tree

The Dialogue Tree is my personal soapbox for examining the art and culture of video games through essays, reviews, developer interviews, and retrospectives.

Papers, Please review: Dehumanizing bureaucracy is fun!

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs review: Porcine panic

Gone Home review: Exploring familial mysteries

Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection review: Get into deep cover

Rogue legacy review: A tale of swords and spastic colons

On wings of dreams: An interview with the makers of Owlboy

Nobody suspects a thing: An interview with Philip Tibitoski of Young Horses about Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Silent protagonist: An interview with Greg Kasavin of Supergiant Games about Transistor

Fuzzy memories: An interview with the creators of Journal

Don’t Starve review: Really, don’t

Guacamelee review: Metroid meets Mexico

Indie game devs on display at PAX East

Guacamelee preview: Discussing Mexican wrestlers and Day of the Dead with Chris McQuinn

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon review: Bustin’ makes me feel good

6 Full-length video games that can be finished in under ten minutes

The dark side of the world: An examination of reality shifting in gaming

New Super Mario Bros. retrospective: Reinvigorating the old New Mario

Ephemeral existence: Picking up the pieces of City of Heroes

Gaming at the Movies: Wreck-It Ralph

Gaming at the Movies: Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

Great Giana Sisters retrospective: Twisted origins

Double Dragon retrospective: Two heroes, many prespectives

Telling a story with no words: An interview with Richard Perrin, creator of Kairo

Las Vegas game bar expands to Minneapolis

Spending time: The argument for “movie-length” games

Awesomenauts review: Saturday morning combat

Impressions from the PAX indie showcase

Double Dragon Neon preview: I love the ’80s

Game Design in the House of Grind

SSX review: The obnoxious kid

Street Fighter X Tekken review: Not quite a gem

Double Fine Happy Action Theatre review: The party non-game

King Arthur II – The Role-playing Wargame review: Medieval micromanagement

Warlock – Master of the Arcane review: Power overwhelming

On playing Super Mario 3D Land with and incompatible brain

Grand Theft Hedgehog: The next great Sonic the Hedgehog game

Silent Hill 2 analysis: The anti-game

How I fell out of love with Final Fantasy

For the N64 kid in all of us: Recapturing our youthful enthusiasm

War Games: When gaming becomes PR for a paramilitary group

Sequelitis: Creativity is dead! Long live creativity!

The HD Collection Connection: Nostalgic reverie or cynical cash grab? Yes.

Obnoxious Nu-metal Hill: Korn is the death knell of the Silent Hill series

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