The Long Trek 3: Charlie X

Highlights of this episode include Kirk taking his shirt off to wrestle a boy, Spock reciting Shakespeare involuntarily, and the beehive-hairdoed Yeoman Rand getting stalked by a creepy guy for the second time in two episodes. This episode begins with Kirk wearing a pea green frock with gold lamae trim, which he changes in and out of seemingly at random, even while walking the hallway from one scene to the next. I suspect this show may have issues with editing.

The enterprise picks up a 17-year-old boy, Charlie, who has the powers of a god, but the selfish mind of a young boy due to growing up on a planet alone. The boy begins zapping crew members he thinks are being mean to him, turning them into iguanas ,and disappearing people’s facial features. At one point, Uhura sings an improvizational song about how the boy has the hots for Yeoman Rand, while Spock backs her up on space harp. The kid promptly silences her with his god powers, and frankly I don’t think anyone blames him for that. However, everytime he zaps somebody, he looks constipated and his eyes roll up into his head. Probably that’s more hilarious than they meant it to be.

Kirk tries to teach Charlie discipline by teaching him how to fall down correctly, awkwardly explaining why you shouldn’t hit girls on the bottom, and giving him many, many intense, disapproving stares. But soon Charlie overcomes Kirk’s influence and takes control of the entire ship using his mind.

Kirk hatches a brilliant plan to overload Charlie’s god powers by turning on every radio, lightswitch, and toaster on the ship, just long enough so he can punch him a bit. So basically they try to trip the circuit breaker on a god. But just as that plan is working out, Charlie’s family, a cloud of pure energy, comes to pick him up. They apologize for their son’s behavior and resurrect everyone who got zapped during the episode.

This episode doesn’t bode well for this endurance run; during Uhura’s sing-a-long, I very nearly shut it off. Here’s hoping that doesn’t become a regular thing.

Last Episode: The Man Trap

Next Episode: Where No Man Has Gone Before

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